Day camps - On the trail of adventure

Dear Parents! If you want your children to spend this holiday time in a very active and unusual way:
We invite you to the 2023 Summer Camps in Eko Park Sady Klemensa!

Our offer is addressed to all children from the age of 5 to 10 years old, to those who cannot sit still
in one place and those who are constantly looking for new challenges.

New skills and experiences!

Sady Klemensa guarantee not only great fun, but also education in practice, which will stay in the minds of little explorers for a long time!

Lots of great attractions!

Lots of great attractions will make this day sensational, children will be fully
entertained and extremely happy. Inflatables, trampolines, obstacle course and much more!

It's outdoor time!

We focus on being close to nature, which is guaranteed by spending the whole day outdoors, away from smog, fumes and concrete.

Meet new friends

Holiday friends stay in our memory for the rest of our lives. During our day camps, great friendships and long-term relationships are born!

Great Fun!

You won;t get bored with us. Our animators have thousands of ideas, and every game is not only a pleasure, but also learning new discovery skills!


The day camp is intended for children from 5 to 10 years old, and all attractions, workshops and games are adapted to the whole group!


New dates soon


All attractions take place in our EcoPark

Komorów 55a


In addition to unlimited apples, there will be a second breakfast every day, a two-course dinner with dessert, sweet and salty snacks at the end of the day and constant access to for water and drinks


Delivery by Klemens Bus is possible

Transportation cost:
+100 zł /turnus dziecko

Guaranteed transport
from the following places:
Rawa Mazowiecka
Tomaszów Mazowiecki


760 zł/kid/turnus

Discounts for participants participating in subsequent sessions and for family members 10%

In the day camp program

Sports and integration games
After all, you have to get to know each other first!
When the first attempts to make new friends are done, it’s time to test the group in the sports
games. We will end the day with fun at the park’s attractions.

Workshop classes
Participants will learn how to make an ecological house for bees. During the classes, they will
experience how to use the gifts of the forest and how to use tools that they had not been able to use
before, practicing precision of movements, persistence and patience.

Continuation of interesting workshops
This time it will be about dancing and cooking! In the second part of the day we will cool down a bit
in the fruit pools. Be sure to bring swimwear and towels with you.

Adventure at height
Activities at height? Sure! But only with proper preparation! After getting acquainted with the
equipment, learning to put on the harness, learning the most necessary knots and training in moving
around the rope park, you can go up!

Forest hare and hounds
And before that, improve your sense of direction. How to read a map? What does the compass say?
How not to get lost in the forest? After the theoretical training, we will play hare and hounds and use
the acquired skills in practice. The group, under the watchful eye of the instructor, overcomes the
trail, performing several prepared tasks. Each task is marked with a keynote that participants find
while performing tasks. Tasks are focused on: communication and cooperation. At the end, the last
task will be the crossing of very difficult terrain with vehicles from the "Dogonić Klemensa"

Careless fun
Every day, children will have time to play freely on the attractions that are permanently hosted in the

Ceremonial ending
By the end of the last day, each participant will be honored and will receive a diploma of completion
of the Summer Camp and a commemorative gadget.


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More information at
(+48) 696-571-303